The Immortals: Artistic Tile Intervention


“The Immortals: Artistic Tile Intervention” will take place on January 18th, 2017 at UCLA  as part of #J18: Teach/Organize/Resist Initiative. ( Each tile will include the “portrait” of an “immortal” or beach trash critter (see image above) and the text below will be pasted on the back of each tile:

“Take me home. I am the perfect pet. I am plastic and therefore immortal. I was found on the beach. I am as cute as I am dangerous. I destroy the ocean and the environment,and will continue to do so, with a vengeance, under Trump.

Please help us raise awareness about coastal pollution:

  1. Adopt a piece of beach trash
  2. Put googly eyes on it
  3. Take a picture of your pet
  4. Send it to

Street artivist Filomena Cruz ( and her team will continue to make and give away tiles in defense of the environment.

This artistic intervention is part of #J18: Teach/Organize/Resist (”

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